Tuesday, November 22, 2011

God is goodness, God is love!

"God works with those who love Him...and turns everything to their good" Romans 8: 28

As they say: "it takes two to tango"
A tango won't be expressed beautifully if only one dances it, or if the other one does not go with his/ her partner in every move and beat.

Just the same with a loving relationship, it can never be a one-way process. Both should be involved in it. One must love each other wholeheartedly, know each other very well, spend quality time together and only aim for the benefit and good of each other.

God calls us today to establish and strengthen our loving relationship with Him. This is a relationship that He freely gives us, no charge, no extra effort. However, this relationship can only work if we cooperate with Him: that is to love Him with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. God can only work His wonderful ways in us if we freely accept this loving relationship that He is offering us. 

He loves each and everyone of us, nothing less. 
He will never forsake us. He only wants what is good for us. 
A loving relationship with Him only brings out nothing less but the good in us. 

Are you ready to ACCEPT His love?

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