Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hang On!

"By your perseverance you will secure your lives" Luke 21: 19

Life may have been rough recently...

...failed relationships difficulties

...rejection by many people

...lost a job

                                     ...and a whole lot more

But is this an excuse to give up on God?


Friends, today, God is reminding us not to give up on Him. He is a BIG God!

...nothing is impossible with Him!
...blessings and abundance is what He wants for us!
...a happy family is what He will provide us!
...real friendships wil come our way because of Him!

So why worry? Just stay in faith, HOLD ON to it! Persevere, work on it, work with Him! He will provide the best for you all the days of your life! :)

Are you ready for His abundant blessings?

May this song be your source of inspiration and your prayer for strength...
Listen to the Voice of Truth: GOD.

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