Friday, June 10, 2016

Be Generous

Without cost you have received; without cost you are to give.
Matthew 10:8

Have you been blessed lately? Doesn't it feel great when we experience God's grace through His abundant blessings?

God is a generous God. He can never be outdone in generosity. And He is showering us with all the blessings that we need every day.

Without cost.

We do not need to pay for the graces we receive from Him daily. And that alone is enough reason for us to be thankful everyday. And one way that we can give back to God for all this generosity is by being generous as well.

Today, we are reminded that we are called to be generous just as God is generous. There are a lot of people who are in need today. And our mission is to spread the grace of God, in any way possible, to them.

Without cost.

Father, teach me to be generous each day. Thank You for your everlasting grace that fills me up each day. Lead me to people that I can share this blessings as well. Bless me more each day so that I can bless more as well. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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