Friday, March 3, 2017

Healthy and Whole

"Those who are healthy do not need a physician but the sick do."
Luke 5: 31

A place where the sick people are brought along with the hope that they will get better after being attended to and treated by the doctors and the nurses.

However, there are those who, unfortunately, wouldn’t want to visit the hospital despite their illness for they think that they can handle themselves well. Or maybe they are just afraid of the doctor or the hospital.

Many times we turn away from God, or we refuse to approach Him for we think that He will not accept us becuase of the many sins we have done. We assume that He will judge us or be mad at us because of our brokenness.

In today’s Word, God is reminding us of the mission Jesus was sent for: to call the sinners back to repentance (Lk. 6:32).

He wants to be with you.
He wants to embrace all of you.
He wants to love you.

Friend, are you in a situation where you need God’s healing? Come to God today. He knows exactly the kind of healing that you need. He has the tools of mercy, love and compassion to patch up the wounds of the past and the pains of your failures and mistakes.

Again, He wants to love you. All of you.

Father, I come to You today…a sinner, wounded, broken. I seek Your healing. I seek Your love. And today I open my heart and my soul to this love that You have been giving me. Thank You for the healing that You will shower upon me today. Amen.

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