Sunday, March 5, 2017

Shout Out!

"Let the words of my mouth meet with Your favor."
Psalm 19:15

There are things we wish to have or hope to do. Yet often, we miss out on those for a simple reason: we doubt.

And this doubt leads to fear, and this fear is manifested through the words that we say, making us think and believe that we cannot achieve our goals.

Today’s Psalm reminds us of a simple prayer: that we can hold on to the hope that what we say meets God’s will for our lives. He has promised an amazing future ahead of us. And He has declared that from long ago. On our part, we should meet that declaration with our own. But it should not be words of doubt and fear. It should be words that speak of a firm belief that God wills the best for us. That great and amazing things are coming our way. It might be scary but with the extreme confidence coming from God we can meet fear in the eye and say: 

"I am better than this. God has given me the strength to become the very best that He has created me to be. Nothing is impossible with Him on my side. I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. You are no match against me and God!"

Give a loud shout out to God! Let it meet His words of hope and blessings for you today and every day!

God, I thank You for the favor you have planned for me. I hold on to this hope and promise that a bright future is ahead of me. I will praise Your name forever for all the good things you have done and will be doing for me. Amen.

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