Saturday, December 3, 2011

Every Gift Comes from God!

"Every good and perfect gift comes from above coming down from the Heavenly Father of the Heavenly Lights." James 1:17

Often, we get frustrated when there are times that we feel that God does not answer our prayers. We ask for something, we get a different one.This frustration leads to giving false judgements in terms of God's generosity. We feel that God is not on our side, He does not want to bless us, and so on.

Friends, God's generosity can never be questioned. His intention of giving what is good for us is always a given fact. Recognize that God uses anything and everything just to give us what we really need, and not just simply what we want.

Parents, in making sure that their child grows to be very responsible and appreciative only gives what is best for their children - what they need and not just simply what they want.

God knows what is best for us. That is why we can boldly declare that anything that comes form God is good. He created the world filled with so much goodness in it. Today, may we realize that there are times that we encounter bad experiences, failures, etc., but this doesn't mean that God is not at work in your life. In fact, those are the times that God wants to bless you and be with you even more. He only wants what is best for you, nothing less!

God's will and plan for us is nothing less but good.

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